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Ultrasound in Vascular Access


Cost: $1700 inc GST

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Program description

This 2 day program is specifically designed for vascular access staff who have little or no experience of diagnostic ultrasound, and would like to become proficient in all the basic concepts of ultrasound techniques in peripheral vascular access.

Specific topics includecephalic_vein.jpg

  • Basic physical principles of ultrasound
  • Basic physical principles of colour
  • Artifacts & knobology
  • Probe manipulation techniques
  • Needle guidance techniques
  • Scanning protocols in peripheral vascular access
  • Practical scanning tuition on patient volunteers
  • Practical needle guidance tuition on phantoms

Course Objectives

  • To provide an overview of the basic principles of ultrasound, artifacts & system controls associated with vascular access
  • To provide the scanning skills required in basic vascular access applications, including needle guidance
  • To provide an understanding of the difficulties encountered in vascular access examinations and needle guidance

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Accredited units included in the course


Approved by ACRRM for the Rural Procedural Grants Program

Procedural Grant: Eligible for 3 days Emergency Medicine / Anaesthetics/ Obstetrics/ Surgery

Procedural GPs can receive $2000 per day, for up to 10 days of training per financial year, and GPs providing hospital based emergency services can receive up to three days of eligible training per financial year. 


CICM Accredited - Lectures - Category 2A, points per hour 1; Demonstrations - Category 2B, points per hour 2; Skills - Category 3B, points per hour 3


ACEM - 14 CPD Hours



ACCRM Accredited - 30 PDP core pts; 30pts PRPD; 30 pts MOPS Radiology; 30 pts MOPS EM; 30 pts MOPS Surgery


RACGP QI&CPD Activity-Category 1-40.pdf


Course Feedback

  • 'Expert tutors with good guidance & advice - Excellent, thank you'
  • 'Great course - hands-on sessions very flexible so each person could address own needs'
  • 'Fabulous course & course content - would recommentd for sure'

Electronic logbook services with expert feedback 

To help maintain & improve your skills we offer an online ultrasound mentoring service so that our experienced staff can guide your hand by giving critical feedback on your uploaded images. The logged cases can then be saved on the AIU site to be used as a personal electronic logbook for future credentialing purposes.

Upcoming dates for this course:

Ultrasound in Vascular Access

19 Mar - 20 Mar
2018 -VAW12-18 $1,700.00
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19 Apr - 20 Apr
2018 - VAW16-18 $1,700.00
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12 Jul - 13 Jul
2018 - VAW28-18 $1,700.00
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23 Jul - 24 Jul
2018 - VAW30-18 $1,700.00
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23 Aug - 24 Aug
2018 - VAW34-18 $1,700.00
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08 Oct - 09 Oct
2018 - VAW41-18 $1,700.00
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06 Dec - 07 Dec
2018 - VAW49-18 $1,700.00
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