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Our Core Purpose and Motivation


Our core purpose is to help those in the health care profession to improve patient care and outcomes. We do this by focusing on ultrasound education and training. The essential question that motivates us every day is:


“How can we better educate and train ultrasound users:

  • To acquire skills in optimising and documenting images;

  • To interpret images for clinical reasoning;

  • To integrate information for patient management.

Our Core Values

Our organisation values:


  • To reliably achieve high quality and standards.

  • To continually improve, innovate, learn and grow.


Care, Compassion and Respect

  • With staff, clients and the wider community.



  • To support, help, and collaborate.

  • To communicate effectively.


Our Courses


What is distinctive about our approach is that we work from your current skill level and progress you in a structured way. This is an individualised approach. Everyone learns at a different pace. Instead of providing multiple skills in one day, evidence-based education research and our own experience highlights the needs for students to focus on a core skill with regular practice. This moves you towards mastery.


Our educational philosophy focuses on:

  • Skill pathways you desire to learn;

  • Course options and modules that allow lots of practice on real patients with a low ratio of student to tutor;

  • Giving you a structured educational approach to close your skill gaps.


Returned to work and need more support?


Book the same module and we can extend your skills. Return as often as needed to develop mastery.


Want to learn a new skill? Choose a new course and a new pathway.


See what you are missing…

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We proudly partner with

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World Class Facilities

The AIU operates from purpose-built premises that provide flexible facilities for groups. Our hands-on and theoretical training approach as well as our partnership with GE and Sonosite ensure that we have the latest in advanced equipment and teaching methods.

AIU Worldwide

We have tailored courses in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and in the pacific rim countries including:

  • New Zealand

  • Singapore

  • Hong Kong

  • China


Australian Institute of Ultrasound Gives Back


We love being generous and helping those less fortunate or disadvantaged.

Check out things that we have been involved with.


Want to help with future projects?

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