Advanced Emergency Medicine Ultrasound (POCUS) –  5 Day Course

Advanced Emergency Medicine Ultrasound (POCUS)





Designed to take your clinical ultrasound practice to the next level, extending your knowledge and skills through interactive case discussion and small group practical activities; this course is relevant to those physicians who want to expand their ultrasound skills.


You will learn the Rapid Ultrasound in Shock Protocol (RUSH) enabling you to assess patients using a multimodality approach whilst managing severely ill patients.


However, the unconscious patient may entail more than a simple RUSH protocol. Sometimes it is not enough to know the cause of the shock – sometimes you need to do something about it.


Is there a fractured femur, requiring a femoral nerve block? Is cholecystitis the cause of this sepsis? Does your delirious patient have a dislocated shoulder requiring reduction? Does your unconscious patient with facial injury have a pupillary response - or raised intracerebral pressure?


By attending this course you will be able to risk stratify these problems far more quickly and safely than conventional investigation. You will go to the ‘outer edges’ of the RUSH protocol. You will optimise your gallbladder scanning, look at rapid identification of fractures and dislocations & identification of nerves.




  • Review of Physics principles
  • Rapid Ultrasound in Shock Protocol (EFAST,AAA,DVT,BELS,IVC)
  • Lung
  • Right upper quadrant pain 
  • Basic Soft Tissue
  • Foreign Body Removal





On completion of the course the following topics will be covered:


  • Identify the parameters of safe application of ultrasound in medical diagnosis


  • Identify the physical principles, artefacts and the steps for image optimisation while performing ultrasound


  • Practice "hands on" ultrasound scanning skills required to maximise diagnostic ability in answering relevant clinical questions


  • Recognise the sonographic appearances of normal and abnormal structures required to answer common clinical questions


  • Perform E-FAST, AAA, Biliary Tract, BELS, Proximal Deep Venous Thrombosis (DVT), Basic Soft Tissue Foreign Body, and Lung ultrasound techniques


  • Use the RUSH protocol in the clinical field


  • Recognise the variants and abnormalities from presentations & case-based learning.


  • Incorporate the ultrasound skills with the clinical situation to make appropriate management decisions


  • Describe the limitations of ultrasound




ACEM | This course accredited for 36.5 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours as complying with ACEM standards and policies for AAA, E-FAST, BELS (including cardiac arrest), Lung, Pleural Effusion, Hepatobiliary, Renal Tract, Soft Tissue Ultrasound, Assessment in Undifferentiated Shock/Rapid Ultrasound in Shock (RUSH protocol).


ASUM | Accredited CCPU units included in the course:


  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)
  • Basic Soft Tissue
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Extended Focussed Abdominal Scan for Trauma (E-FAST)
  • BELS (Basic Echocardiography in Life Support)
  • Lung
  • Pleural Effusion
  • Biliary
  • Hydronephrosis Renal Calculi
  • Basic Soft Tissue


ACRRM I Approved PDP units = 32 Educational activity I Performance review = 3 I MOPS points = 1

Grant eligible Emergency Medicine I 3 days I Obstetrics, Surgery & Anaesthetics I 5 days


ANZCA | Participants in the ANZCA and FPM CPD program may claim this this course under the Knowledge and skills activity Short format learning at 2 credits per hour


RACGP | CPD Accredited Activity 40 points I Activity Number: 192291

Grant eligible Emergency Medicine I 3 days I Obstetrics, Surgery & Anaesthetics I 5 days


CICM | Lectures – Category 2A, points per hour 1;Demonstrations – Category 2B, points per hour 2; Skills – Category 3B, points per hour 3


Advanced Emergency Medicine Ultrasound (POCUS) – 5 Day Course