Introduction To Echo - Level 1 (3 Day Course)

Introduction To Echo - Level 1 (3 Day)


The AIU is pleased to announce the new 3-day “Introduction to Echo” Level 1


The tutor to student ratio for this course is 3:1. 



Are you concerned about those first shifts of that new rotation in ED, ICU or Cardiology?

Imagine being asked to perform a bedside echo at 2am.  Not sure where or how to start?

This is the 3-Day echo / cardiac acoustic windows course designed specifically for you. 


A must for the absolute beginner or novice.


If you have never had a probe in your hand, (except to clean it), or have only practiced ultrasound imaging without appropriate supervision, then look no further.


The Course Objectives

Are to provide the beginner / novice with:

1).     an understanding of the physical principles of ultrasound

2).     an understanding of probe manipulation and orientation

3).     an understanding of image tissue types and image optimisation

4)      repeatable and reproducible methods to find those

illusive acoustic windows and views

5).     the ability to recognise normal adult cardiac echo anatomy and assess the image for common pathologies

6).     an opportunity for extensive tutor assisted hands-on scanning

7).     an understanding of the pitfalls and limitations of bedside cardiac imaging.


The programme will also cover qualitative assessment of cardiac chambers for size and function.


At the end of the course, the participant will have a thorough understanding of bedside echo / cardiac windows. They will be able to repeat and reproduce the scanning methodologies and be confident of finding the acoustic windows and achieve better patient outcomes.


The course tutors are experienced cardiac sonographers and point of care specialists.  They will provide both imaging and clinical expertise and create the best learning environment for the beginner.


“Introduction to Echo - Level 2” (available September 2020)

will be a new 2-day course, covering Quantitative measurements and basic haemodynamics. The Level 2 course is directed at those slightly more advanced ultrasound operators who are able to acquire on-axis views for accurate measurements.


“Introduction to Echo - Level 3” (available in 2021) will be a new 2-day course covering Valvular Assessment. The level 3 course will be directed at the advanced ultrasound operators.


For those able to do 5 days in a row we currently offer all the modules above in our “Basic Echo - 5 Day Course”.


We look forward to seeing you on the Gold Coast in the near future.






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Introduction To Echo - Level 1 (3 Day Course)

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