Introduction to Emergency Medicine Ultrasound – 5 Day POCUS Course (AAA, Lung, B

Introduction to Emergency Medicine Ultrasound – 5 Day POCUS Course (AAA, Lung, BELS, eFAST, Procedures)






The Introductory PoCUS-EM 5 day course is designed to meet ACEM requirements for fellowship, EMC, and EMD training, involving a basic lung ultrasound module.


This course takes complete novices right through the basics of machine orientation, probe manipulation, normal anatomy and simple protocols - to recognition of the more common life-threatening pathologies and the decisions that can be made from this new information.


With our faculty of Emergency Physicians and sonographer tutors we will ensure good technique obtains great images for excellent decision making at the bedside.




We combine short lectures, short demonstrations and lengthy practical scanning of healthy volunteers, using tutor-student ratios of no more than 1:4.  Day 5 combines live volunteer anatomy with needling of phantoms.


This 5 day course will include the following modules.

  • Ultrasound physics, machine orientation and transducer manipulation.
  • AAA - Normal anatomy and significant abnormality.
  • EFAST -Normal anatomy, required views and significant pathology
  • BELS - Focused (Basic) Echo in Life support / cardiac arrest scenarios
  • LUNG - Basic Lung ultrasound in the breathless patient
  • NEEDLES - Procedural (needle) guidance techniques with examples of vascular access, nerve block, aspirations and drain insertion.




The learning objectives for the student doing the five-day course include:

  • Understand and optimise machine settings for safe implementation of each protocol
  • Define the indications and views needed for each protocol.
  • Recognise and obtain good quality images for each protocol on (relatively) healthy volunteers with a variety of body habitus.
  • Understand the implementation of each protocol using case-based quizzes.
  • Recognise pathology within the context of a clinical scenario.
  • Discuss clinical decision making in the light of the information obtained.
  • Discuss the merits of in-plane and out-of-plane techniques for specific situations.
  • Explain the required hygiene measures for each procedure
  • Apply a range of techniques to facilitate procedures.
  • Synthesise five tools to model multi-system scanning, with the aim of improving patient care.




ACEM | Course 004 is approved for 38 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours as complying with ACEM standards and policies.


ACRRM | This course is approved for 36 total activity hours. PDP units: 20 Performance Review, 16 Educational Activity. MOPS points: 6, 30. Grant eligibility: Emergency Medicine, Anaesthetics, Obstetrics, Surgery.


ASUM | Accredited CCPU units included in the course:

  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)
  • Extended Focussed Abdominal Scan for Trauma (eFAST)
  • Basic Echocardiography in Life Support (BELS)
  • Lung


RACGP | This course is an RACGP CPD Accredited Activity 40 CPD Program points in 2020-22 Triennium. RACGP ID 192281.




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Introduction to Emergency Medicine Ultrasound – 5 Day POCUS Course (AAA, Lung, B

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