Nuclear Medicine Breast Ultrasound - 2 Day Course

Nuclear Medicine Breast Ultrasound




This two-day course is designed to assist Nuclear Medicine Scientists / Technologists to commence using ultrasound for focused breast tumour and lymph node identification and needle-guided peritumoural injections. The course also covers ultrasound guided vascular access for cannulations.

The course will comprise of presentations, case-based learning, demonstrations of technique and small tutor group with hands-on scanning with volunteer, live-models and phantoms with tutor guidance.




  • Practical Physics of Ultrasound
  • Artifacts & Image optimisation
  • Ultrasound Anatomy & Pathological Appearances
  • Interventional Techniques
  • Multiple practical tutorial sessions in small groups




  • Use a variety of transducer and hand movements to acquire images
  • Use the relevant buttons (system controls) for optimization of the images
  • Clean and disinfect transducers and machines as required
  • Begin to acquire focused breast ultrasound images on a variety of breast types
  • Correlate breast anatomy with ultrasound images
  • Recognise the ultrasound appearances of a variety of breast types
  • Recognise the ultrasound appearances and terminology of breast lesions
  • Begin to perform focused breast lesion scanning on phantoms
  • Begin to perform ultrasound-guided needling for peri-tumour injections
  • Recognize the limitations and pitfalls of focused breast lesion scanning
  • Begin to acquire images of peripheral arm veins on volunteer live-models
  • Correlate peripheral arm vascular anatomy with ultrasound images
  • Begin to perform ultrasound-guided peripheral vascular access on phantoms





This course has been designed following the highest standards established by Australian Medical Colleges, ASAR and ASUM. It is up to the discretion of your Medical College to define how many CPD points this course is eligibility for, as each college has a distinct process and eligibility criteria.



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Nuclear Medicine Breast Ultrasound - 2 Day Course

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