Ultrasound for the Uninitiated


Don’t use ultrasound but need to interpret images?

No longer be afraid to look at any ultrasound scan.

This seminar represents ultrasound for the unbeliever or the conscientious objector. It is designed for those who don’t scan or never want to touch a probe and simply need to be ‘knowledgeable’ after minimal effort. There is no intention whatsoever to convince participants to take up point of care ultrasound (PoCUS).
This full day seminar teaches interpretation only, there is no practical scanning. Participants will learn to:


  • Read wishy washy grey pictures with acronymns such as eFAST, AAA and LUS
  • Recognise tissue types (such as bone, air, soft tissue)
  • Correlate the above with prior knowledge of anatomy (and good practice) to interpret ultrasound images.


When the PoCUS wielding registrar tells you that the patient has a dissecting thoracic aneurysm (or whatever) by the end of this seminar participants will be confident to know whether or not they can trust the registrar’s opinion.


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Ultrasound for the Uninitiated - 1 Day Seminar

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