Global Links update on Zambia trip

Dear Kim, Jenny & Ange,

We have completed our medical mission to Zambia and are pleased to report all went well. The clinics averaged 166 patients a day and the midwives were kept very busy with the ultrasound. 

3 breeches and 1 fetal death in utero were diagnosed. Several low lying placentas were referred on for follow up ultrasound. 2 patients who had been receiving ante natal care for 4 months were found not to be pregnant. Most places had no beds and the patients layed on the floor or on top of desks. 

The course we all attended with our fearless leader Ange earlier in the year was invaluable to the midwives on this trip and although there is still so much to learn in terms of ultrasound it was wonderful to share our very little knowledge with the local staff and pregnant women who have never seen such a thing before.

We have attached a few photos for you all

We all look forward to seeing you again and once again thank you for your contribution to our Foundation.


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