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One day program in E-FAST protocol.

Ultrasound training has come a long way in the past 10 years. Initially seen as a tool useful in very limited settings, and available to a limited clinical audience, it has now evolved to become an almost essential tool in the armamentarium in life threatening scenarios. But unlike almost any other modality, clinical ultrasound is one of the most highly operator-dependant skills, limited by time constraints, user experience and misleading images known as artefacts.

To become proficient in ultrasound requires a lot of time devoted to both the theoretical and practical aspects of ultrasonography, especially if the clinician wants to become proficient in all aspects of ultrasound for paramedics. Fortunately, most clinicians do not require (or need) such extensive exposure, and this course is designed to give the rural practitioner a solid grounding in the basics of ultrasound.

We will ensure that you come away from the course with a well-founded grounding in the basic techniques, and that these techniques lay the foundation for a safe and effective ultrasound practice into the future.

This course includes

  • Basic practical physics, "knobology" and artefacts

  • Probe manipulation techniques

  • Scanning protocols in:

    • abdominal trauma (E-FAST)

Course objectives

  • To provide an overview of the physical principles and artefacts associated with ultrasound in emergency setting

  • To provide scanning skills required in maximising diagnostic ability

  • To provide an understanding of the protocols required in answering common clinical questions



Ultrasound for Paramedics


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