Dr Paul Hannah

Dr Paul Hannah


Dr Paul Hannah graduated from Melbourne University in 1980, and after three years of Residency took up positions in the UK (training in Obstetrics), France (Emergency Rescue) and then Tanzania (3rd World Medicine – Dr Hannah was born in Tanzania where his father was a Medical Missionary). He eventually settled down in General Practice in Melbourne as a GP Obstetrician delivering up to 40 babies a year.

He first trained in Vein Sclerotherapy in 1990 in the pre-ultrasound days when the results were not as reliable as they are now, and a few years later moved to the Gold Coast and changed to Emergency Medicine where he passed the part 1 Emergency specialty exams.

Dr Hannah’s interest in the non-surgical treatment of veins is personal as he had his veins stripped in 1986 and again in 1995 – both times recurring. It was the growing use of Ultrasound in Emergency that got him interested in Dr Lekich’s work and subsequently joined him in his Vein Clinic (after having his own veins successfully treated with endovascular laser and ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy!).

Dr Hannah is an Associate Professor at Bond University where he teaches the undergraduate medical program.


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