Obstetric Ultrasound Refresher


This 2-day workshop is suitable for those who have attended an obstetric ultrasound course previously and wish to improve their scanning skills.


Course Objectives:


  • To discuss individual prior knowledge & skills
  • To discuss individual challenges
  • To improve understanding of the clinical questions that can be answered with Point of Care Ultrasound (PoCUS).
  • To improve the ability to acquire ultrasound images.
  • To improve the use of transducer movements – one at a time
  • To improve the use of ultrasound buttons
  • To improve recognition of normal ultrasound appearances
  • Continue to understand when to on-refer




  • Explanation of isolated hand movements to improve images
  • How to establish fetal presentation & lie
  • To use a systematic approach to planning fetal biometry
  • How to acquire correct planes for biometry measurements
  • How to acquire AFI & Cord Doppler measurements

Course Content:

  • Cervix & placenta
  • Biometry
  • AFI
  • Cord Doppler




ASUM | CCPU units included in the course:

  • Monitoring the Foetus


RANZCOG | Activity accredited for 12 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points


ACRRM | Approved for 30 PDP points; 30 points PRPD; 30 pts MOPS Radiology; 30 pts MOPS Emergency Medicine

Eligible for Rural Procedural Grants Funding – 2 days under all components (Emergency Medicine, Anaesthetics, Obstetrics and Surgery)

Rural Procedural Grants Program – GPs can receive $2000 per day for a maximum of 10 days of training per financial year, GPs providing hospital based emergency services can receive up to three days of eligible training per financial year. Access: rural.procedural.grants@racgp.org.au.


RACGP | Activity Number: 142746, 40 Category 1 points. Specific Requirement Eligibility – Diagnostic radiology

Grant Approved Training – 2 days under Emergency Medicine, Anaesthetics, Obstetrics and Surgery. Forward your certificate of attendance and program of the activity (including session times and content) and claim form to rural.procedural.grants@racgp.org.au.

Obstetric Ultrasound Refresher - 2 Day Course