150 Pregnant Volunteers Required

Like a Free Non Diagnostic Baby Scan? Maybe you know someone who would?

The Australian Institute of Ultrasound, located in Broadbeach, is always looking for mothers to be to volunteer to help train Doctors in Ultrasound techniques. However, this month due to the success of our training courses, we require an extraordinary amount of Mum's to be! We are looking for all stages of pregnancy but always have a large demand for volunteers at under 14 weeks.

The great news about these scans is that there is no fee involved and no referral is needed! However, we do not offer diagnostic ultrasound reports as the doctors are still learning. These scans are fun and give you the opportunity to get another look at baby before they arrive.

If this sounds like you or anyone you might know please call us on 5526 6655 for more information or visit our website.

https://aiu.edu.au/volunteer-for-the-aiu/ — at Australian Institute of Ultrasound.

AIU Free Baby Scan

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