"Ultrasound in Rural & Remote Medicine" only 3 courses left this year.

We have 3 more dates left on the calendar for 2018 for our Ultrasound in Rural & Remote Medicine, they are

  • October 22nd - 26th

  • November 19th - 23rd

  • December 10th - 14th

Unlike some of our competitors we run this as a 5 day course, the first 3 days being dedicated to Ultrasound in Rural Medicine Core and the last 2 days are focused on Obstetrics making the entire course excellent value for money.

For further information on our courses see our website at www.aiu.edu.au or for specific details on this offer please use this link: "Ultrasound in Rural & Remote Medicine"

#aiu #australianinstituteofultrasound #ruralandremotemedicine

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