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Ultrasound Education

eFAST scan demonstration

An eFAST scan is one of the most commonly utilised scans by Emergency Physicians and Rural Generalists. An eFAST examination consists of six views:

  • Subcostal Pericardium
  • Coronal Morison’s Pouch (hepato-renal space)
  • Coronal Spleno-renal angle
  • Pelvis
  • Right and Left Pleural Spaces
  • Anterior Chest (Pneumothorax)

We have put together a 10-part eFAST scan video series demonstrating the ultrasound image acquisition of each of the above listed views. This series is included as part of our pre-course material for students on our Emergency Ultrasound course.

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How to acquire a subxiphoid view of the heart, using a curvi probe.