New Entrant Sonographer - 5 Day Course

New Entrant Sonographer



Do you want to learn how to scan in a relaxed and friendly environment? Are you finding it frustrating to pick up scanning as quickly as you would like? Our proven one week FAST TRACK training will have you workplace ready. This 5 day long highly specialised practical tuition program has been specifically designed for student sonographers to overcome those difficult days of learning the basic concepts of scanning the upper abdomen. The profession of Sonography is one that requires a practitioner to exercise a wide degree of decisional latitude during the working day. This necessitates a high degree of expert tuition, not only in the theoretical components of the required knowledge base, but also, and most importantly, in the practical aspects of training. Companies providing such training will be well aware of the expenses involved in employing highly paid allied health professionals who do not contribute to the income stream for the first months of their employment and in having senior staff slow down their throughput during the initial stages of student training. The stresses imposed on senior staff during the initial weeks of any “in-house” training program are extremely high and can contribute to low morale and high staff turnover. Intensive practical tuition conducted outside the workplace by professionals experienced in this area, will result in students whose clinical competence will be of a uniformly high standard in a shorter time frame.




  • Basic practical physics, “knobology” and artifacts
  • Probe manipulation techniques
  • Scanning protocols in:
    • Abdomen
    • Renal including male & female pelvis




  • To establish a greater understanding of basic practical physics
  • Learn effective probe manipulation techniques
  • Gain confidence with practical scanning techniques

NB: This program is also available in a tailored format, for corporate clients such as Radiology Practices, Diagnostic Imaging Companies and Health Authorities.




This course has been designed following the highest standards stablished by Australian Medical College ASUM. It is up to the discretion of your Medical College to define how many CPD points this course is eligibility for, as each college has a distinct 
process and eligibility criteria.



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New Entrant Sonographer - 5 Day Course

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