Point of Care Lung Ultrasound - 2 Day Course Gold Coast

Point of Care Lung Ultrasound - 2 Day Course


This course will be held on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Office- 2 Miami Key, Broadbeach Waters,QLD 4218




This two-day program, has been developed for Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine and Respiratory Physicians interested to further their knowledge and application of ultrasound techniques in the examination of the parenchymal lung and pleural diseases in intensive care units, emergency departments and respiratory ward settings.


As lung ultrasound is one of the new developments in ultrasound application, this course aims to provide the participant with understanding of ultrasonography physics and application to lung ultrasound; identification of different lung pathology based on lung ultrasound images/patterns.

The course also involves teaching how to examine the pleura and how to use real-time ultrasound needle guidance in thoracocentesis pleural drainage using our thoracocentesis phantom. There is an emphasis on the practical aspects of these topics with comprehensive “hands-on” tuition, led by expert sonographers and a respiratory clinician. Tuition is conducted in small groups and limited to 4 students to allow for adequate time to practice.



  • Physical principles knobology
  • Probe manipulation techniques
  • Sonographic appearances terminology
  • Needle guidance techniques
  • Pleural examination techniques
  • Scanning techniques for Pneumothorax
  • BLUE protocol and lung ultrasound patterns of images
  • Brief introduction to diaphragm excursion measurement as well as echocardiography




1. Identify the parameters of safe application of ultrasound in medical diagnosis
2. Identify the physical principles, artefacts and the steps for image optimisation while
performing lung and pleural ultrasonography
3. Practice “hands on” ultrasound scanning skills required to maximise diagnostic ability in answering relevant clinical
4. Recognise the sonographic appearances of normal and abnormal structures required to answer common clinical
5. Perform Basic Cardiac, Guided Vascular Access and Lung ultrasounds
6. Interpret images from normal adult volunteers
7. Recognise the variants and abnormalities from presentations & case-based learning
8. Document ultrasound findings
9. Apply protocols required in all examinations discussed
10. Incorporate the ultrasound skills with the clinical situation to make appropriate management decisions regarding
respiratory and pleural illnesses
11. Recognize the limitations of ultrasound
12. Judge when to on-refer a patient for formal scanning




ASUM | CCPU units included in the course:

  • Lung
  • Pleural Effusion


ACEM | This course accredited for 18 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours as complying with ACEM standards and policies for Lung and Pleural Effusion.


TSANZ | Activity accredited for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.


ACRRM I Approved PDP units = 12 Educational activity I Performance review = 2 I MOPS points = 1

Grant eligible Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics, Surgery & Anaesthetics I 2 days


CICM | Lectures – Category 2A, points per hour 1;
Demonstrations – Category 2B, points per hour 2;

Skills – Category 3B, points per hour 3


RACGP | CPD Accredited Activity 40 points I Activity Number: 192311

Grant eligible Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics, Surgery & Anaesthetics I 2 days


ANZCA | Participants in the ANZCA and FPM CPD program may claim this this course under the Knowledge and skills activity Short format learning at 2 credits per hour

Point of Care Lung Ultrasound - 2 Day Course Gold Coast

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