Ultrasound In Soft Tissue Assessment



Although musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound can be challenging and requires consistent practise and anatomical correlation. MSK complaints are one of the most common presentations not only in an emergency setting but also in general practise. This one day programme is designed for all medical professionals with an interest in starting their journey in musculoskeletal ultrasound techniques. The topics provide an overview of soft tissue ultrasound and musculoskeletal pattern recognition, including common pathologies, artefacts and the avoidance of common inaccuracies encountered in practice. Practical tuition is in small group sessions using high resolution equipment and volunteer models with experienced tutors, emphasis is given to scanning protocols and “tips & hints” for obtaining high quality images. Ideally attendees will already feel comfortable with machine optimisation and basic probe manipulation. 




Introduction to soft tissue ultrasound including: 
• Joint Effusion

• Assessing soft tissue collections

• Assessing lumps and bumps- localisation and ultrasound descriptors.

• Assessing large tendon and muscle injuries

• Identifying Foreign bodies with ultrasound

• Fracture assessment 


On completion of the course the following topics will be covered:  
• Identify the parameters for the safe application of ultrasound and its limitations in medical diagnosis

• Identify the physical principles, artefacts and the steps for image optimization while performing ultrasound  

• Practice "hands on" ultrasound scanning skills required to maximize diagnostic ability in answering relevant clinical questions

• Recognise normal sonographic appearances to answer common clinical questions.

• Perform Soft tissue (skin, bones, joints, tendons, enthesis, fascia, nerves, vessels and muscles) ultrasound

• Acquire images obtained on normal adult volunteers  

• Correlate ultrasound skills with clinical reasoning to make appropriate management decisions • Identify the limitations of ultrasound  

• Identify when to on-refer patients for formal scanning. 






ASUM | CCPU units included in the course:


  • Basic Soft Tissue


ACEM |  This course accredited for 8 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours as complying with ACEM standards and policies for Soft Tissue Ultrasound.


ACRRM I Approved PDP units = 8 Educational activity I Performance review = 1

Grant eligible Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics, Surgery & Anaesthetics I 1 day


ANZCA | Participants in the ANZCA and FPM CPD program may claim this this course under the Knowledge and skills activity Short format learning at 2 credits per hour


CICM | Lectures – Category 2A, points per hour 1;
Demonstrations – Category 2B, points per hour 2;

Skills – Category 3B, points per hour 3


RACGP | CPD Accredited Activity 40 points I Activity Number: 192295

Grant eligible Emergency Medicine, Obstetrics, Surgery & Anaesthetics I 1 day

Ultrasound In Soft Tissue Assessment - 1 Day Course