Ultrasound For The Uninitiated

While its use is extremely well-known in pregnancy, ultrasound is increasingly helpful in diverse specialties for both procedural guidance as well as diagnostic use. In procedures, ultrasound is used by clinicians to decrease complications and verify needle placement for anesthesia, biopsies, vascular access, and many other procedures. In terms of diagnostic use, doctors and other emergency medicine staff use it for focused examinations of specific organs, trauma, or disease.

“The use of ultrasound by non-radiologists has shot up in recent years. We are training clinicians ranging from trauma surgeons to cardiologists to anesthesiologists, plus many more”, said David Yates (CEO of the AIU Australian Institute Of Ultrasound).

“As the uses for Ultrasound have changed over recent years there have been many professionals that have missed out on training but still need to understand and decipher the images that younger ultrasound trained colleagues show them. I was recently speaking to an ED consultant who over the years just didn’t want to learn ultrasound, but now needs to interpret the images that are coming from registrars.”

It was this conversation that identified a training need. The AIU are holding 1 day seminars entitled ”Ultrasound For The Uninitiated”.

The first three dates to see this seminar are 27th February, 23rd April or 23rd July. For further information on this seminar please see their website at www.aiu.edu.au

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