Nuclear Medicine Breast Ultrasound


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Ultrasound-guided peritumoral injection

This two-day course is designed to assist Nuclear Medicine Scientists / Technologists to commence using ultrasound for focused breast tumour and lymph node identification and needle-guided peritumoural injections. The course also covers ultrasound guided vascular access for cannulations.

The course will comprise of presentations, case-based learning, demonstrations of technique and small tutor group with hands-on scanning with volunteer, live-models and phantoms with Tutor guidance.

Specific topics include

  • Practical physics of Ultrasound
  • Artifacts & image optimisation
  • Ultrasound anatomy & pathological appearances
  • Interventional techniques
  • Multiple practical tutorial sessions in small groups


  • Use a variety of transducer and  hand movements to acquire images
  • Use the relevant buttons (system controls) for optimization of the images
  • Clean and disinfect transducers and machines as required
  • Begin to acquire focused breast ultrasound images on a variety of breast types.
  • Correlate breast anatomy with ultrasound images
  • Recognise the ultrasound appearances of a variety of breast types
  • Recognise the ultrasound appearances and terminology of breast lesions.
  • Begin to perform focused breast lesion scanning on phantoms
  • Begin to perform ultrasound-guided needling for peri-tumour injections.
  • Recognize the limitations and pitfalls of focused breast lesion scanning
  • Begin to acquire images of peripheral arm veins on volunteer live-models
  • Correlate peripheral arm vascular anatomy with ultrasound images 
  • Begin to perform ultrasound-guided peripheral vascular access on phantoms 


Upcoming dates for this course:

Nuclear Medicine Breast Ultrasound

05 Feb - 06 Feb
2018 - NMB06-18 $1,800.00
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10 Sep - 11 Sep
2018 - NMB37-18 $1,800.00
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