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Advanced Vascular Ultrasound


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Program description

Ultrasound machine is an excellent non-invasive diagnostic tool to assess soft tissue, particularly to vessels from lower and upper limb and trunk. Patients presenting with venous (deep vein thrombosis (DVT), chronicle venous incompetency and arterial stenosis (renal and abdominal aortic stenosis) can be comprehensively assessed and monitored through duplex ultrasound (DUS), which consists of a combination of two-dimensional ultrasound and spectral Doppler examination. In clinical practice, DUS can used to identify incompetent veins and arterial stenosis to determinate whether or not an abnormal vesssel is responsible for the patient’s complain. However, an appropriate technique is required to assess veins and arteries. This four-day program has been designed to provide a foundation for the use of state-of-the-art techniques in advanced vascular diagnosis for Sonongraphres and  Vascular Surgeons and all passioned ultrasound medical practitioners. Prior experience in routine scanning and prior knowledge of basic ultrasound is assumed. The topics provide an overview of anatomical and ultrasound pattern recognition in various abdominal and peripheral vessels. Discussions will be held on examination techniques and the avoidance of common inaccuracies encountered in practice. Particular attention is given to both the role of colour Doppler and the practical probe manipulation manoeuvres required to obtain good ultrasound "windows" to vessels being interrogated. Participants will have the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have acquired in small group "hands-on" tutorial sessions. These extended practical sessions will be directed by experienced vascular sonographers. 


Specific topics include

  • Instrumentation
  • Vascular anatomy
  • Basics of non-ultrasound peripheral arterial assessment
  • Ultrasound peripheral arterial assessment
  • Interpretation of results
  • Superficial venous examination
  • Venous incompetence
  • Venous mapping
  • Abdominal vascular anatomy review
  • Doppler examination of abdominal vasculature
  • Renal artery disease & examination technique

To provide instruction in vascular anatomy, abdominal vasculature and renal pathology & diagnosis, along with the techniques of ultrasound vascular assessment of the peripheral arterial system and the lower limb superficial venous system.

Course objectives

  • advvasc1.jpgTo provide an understanding of the basics of non-ultrasound peripheral arterial testing.
  • To provide extended practical tuition in the techniques of vascular scanning, including colour & spectral Doppler techniques.

Approved by ACRRM and RACGP for the Rural Procedural Grants Program

Procedural Grant: Eligible for 3 days Emergency Medicine/ Anaesthetics/ Obstetrics/ Surgery.

Procedural GPs can receive $2000 per day, for up to 10 days of training per financial year, and GPs providing hospital based emergency services can receive up to three days of eligible training per financial year. 


CICM Accredited - Lectures - Category 2A, points per hour 1; Demonstrations - Category 2B, points per hour 2; Skills - Category 3B, points per hour 3


ACRRM - 30 PRPD points; 30 MOPSpoints Radiology; 30 MOPS points EM


RACGP QI&CPD Activity-Category 1-40.pdf


Course Feedback

  • 'Excellent tutors & great teaching skills'
  • 'Excellent course - hands-on was invaluable'
  • 'Overall a fantastic course - all the staff were extremely friendly & approachable'

NB: This course assumes a knowledge of basic ultrasound physics.


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Advanced Vascular Ultrasound

08 May - 11 May
2018 - AV19-18 $3,200.00
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05 Nov - 08 Nov
2018 - AV45-18 $3,200.00
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