Ultrasound Courses

For over 25 years, the Australian Institute of Ultrasound (AIU) has been the premier ultrasound training institute in Australia. Our core purpose is to help those in the healthcare profession to improve patient care and outcomes. We achieve this by providing hands-on, practical ultrasound training with real patient models, and offering a caring, supportive, and structured learning environment.


Offering over 300 courses, across 15 specialties, providing training to over 1,000 clinicians each year, our specialist team comprises of dedicated core sonographer educators (General, Obstetrics, Cardiac, Musculoskeletal) and clinicians who develop curriculum, lecture and deliver real world case studies and clinical integration.


Headquartered on the Gold Coast, Queensland, the AIU has a bespoke facility including scanning bays, classrooms and the latest in ultrasound technology, IT and infrastructure to support effective ultrasound education.