Third Trimester (Late Pregnancy) Ultrasound for Midwives and Nurses.



-This 2-day program is specifically designed for Midwives and Nurses who have an interest in point of care ultrasound.

-Lots of practical scanning with volunteers of varying gestations within the 3rd trimester.



-System orientation and probe manipulation techniques

-Transabdominal, transvaginal and translabial techniques

-Identifying the cervix

-Placental location

-Fetal presentation (location and lie)

-Fetal Biometry

-Amniotic Fluid index (AFI)

-Cord Doppler


Course Objectives

On completion of the course the student should be able to:

-Identify & measure the cervix length

-Identify & examine the placenta

-Describe some placenta, cord & cervix- variants & pathology

-Establish fetal lie and locate fetal structures

-Identify & record cardiac activity


-Locate correct planar anatomy & measure fetal biometry (BPD, HC, AC & FL & EFW)

-Identify signs of fetal wellbeing

-Scan & measure the Amniotic Fluid Index

-Scan & measure the umbilical artery cord Doppler

-Be aware of the limitations of point of care ultrasound and when to on-refer the patient.




MC I This event is approved as continuing midwifery education by the Midwifery Council. Approval number: 2019CME016E


ACM -12 hours for the Workshop. 2 hours for Pre-Reading Materials.Total of 14 CPD hours



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Third Trimester (Late Pregnancy) Ultrasound for Midwives and Nurses. 2 Days

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