Ultrasound in Rural Medicine Course (Introduction) - 3 Day

Ultrasound in Rural Medicine Course - 3 Day




  • Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)
  • Vascular Access
  • DVT
  • eFAST
  • Basic Echo in Life Support (BELS)
  • Basic Lung
  • Renal Hydronephrosis and Calculi





Informed use of point of care ultrasound can assist rural clinicians to risk stratify clinical decision making in the challenging contexts presented in rural and remote medicine.


If you are unable to dedicate six days to the comprehensive course, this three-day introduction ensures you will know your way safely around an ultrasound machine, and also covers the core critical ultrasound assessments for the Rural Generalist clinician.


Answer clinical questions at the bedside or roadside with nothing more than a handheld ultrasound, such as:


  • Does my patient with abdominal pain have a AAA?
  • Does my multi-trauma patient have a pneumothorax or free fluid in the abdomen?
  • Does my patient with flank pain have hydronephrosis?
  • What is the cause of my patient’s shocked state?
  • Is this COPD or heart failure? How can I differentiate the dyspnoeic patient?


This course will help you to gain the practical skills and technical know-how in the essential ultrasound guided vascular access procedures which are core to the Rural Generalist arsenal.


Take these tools home, practise in your own environment, then work with us toward credentialing in those protocols that will have the highest yield in your practice.



ASUM | Pending Accreditation


ACRRM | Pending Accreditation


ACEM | Pending Accreditation



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Ultrasound in Rural Medicine Course (Introduction) - 3 Day

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