Ultrasound in Phlebology




This 3-day program has been specifically designed for members of the College of Phlebology, and any medical practitioners or technologists at the beginning of the ultrasound learning curve, who are interested in ultrasound of superficial and deep venous systems of the lower limb.

All tuition is undertaken in a highly personalised, tailored fashion with intensive “hands-on” practical sessions allowing registrants to gain skills in the most cost effective manner.




  • Fundamentals of ultrasound practice
  • Scanning techniques
  • Ultrasound recognition of venous anatomy
  • Practical superficial venous examination
  • Practical DVT examination
  • Practical needle guidance techniques




  • To provide an understanding of system operation
  • To provide an overview of the anatomy and pathology of the superficial and deep venous system of the lower limbs
  • To provide practical tuition in the techniques of venous scanning including colour and spectral doppler techniques




ASUM | Accredited CCPU units included in the course:

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Vascular Access


ACRRM | Approved for 30 PDP points; 30 points PRPD; 30 pts MOPS Radiology; 30 pts MOPS Emergency Medicine

Eligible for Rural Procedural Grants Funding – 2 days under all components (Emergency Medicine, Anaesthetics, Obstetrics and Surgery)

Rural Procedural Grants Program – GPs can receive $2000 per day for a maximum of 10 days of training per financial year, GPs providing hospital based emergency services can receive up to three days of eligible training per financial year. Access: rural.procedural.grants@racgp.org.au.


ANZCA | Participants in the ANZCA and FPM CPD program may claim this this course under the Knowledge and skills activity Short format learning at 2 credits per hour


CICM | Lectures – Category 2A, points per hour 1;
Demonstrations – Category 2B, points per hour 2;

Skills – Category 3B, points per hour 3


RACGP | Activity Number: 104087, 40 Category 1 points. Specific Requirement Eligibility – Diagnostic radiology

Grant Approved Training | 2 days under Emergency Medicine, Anaesthetics, Obstetrics and Surgery. Forward your certificate of attendance and program of the activity (including session times and content) and claim form to rural.procedural.grants@racgp.org.au

Ultrasound in Phlebology - 3 Day Course

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